Xiaoke Huang

Master's student at THU; Computer Vision & Computer Graphics


I’m Xiaoke Huang, a Master’s student at THU. Currently, I’m exploring human digitization and representation learning under the supervision of Prof. Jiwen Lu and Prof. Yansong Tang. I have a broad interest in computer vision and computer graphics, especially in 3D reconstruction and multi-modal (vision-language) learning. Feel free to drop me an e-mail!


  • 2022-09: One paper on language-guided ordinal regression accepted by NeurIPS’22
  • 2021-03: One paper on uncertainty learning and ordinal regression accepted by CVPR’21


* indicates equal contribution.

  • OrdinalCLIP: Learning Rank Prompts for Language-Guided Ordinal Regressionn
    Wanhua Li*, Xiaoke Huang*, Zheng Zhu, Yansong Tang, Xiu Li, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou
    Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2022
    [project page] [paper] [code] [中文解读]

  • Learning Probabilistic Ordinal Embeddings for Uncertainty-Aware Regression
    Wanhua Li, Xiaoke Huang, Jiwen Lu, Jianjiang Feng, and Jie Zhou
    IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021
    [project page] [paper] [code]


Reviewer of CVPR’22, ECCV’22, VCIP’22, FG’23.